Welcome to Our Tenth Season of Buck A Block
Buck A Block
A quilting program by
copyright 2013 Thangles   All rights reserved
Your local quilt shop has a fun program
where you can get a block kit for only $1.  
Click here to find your local participating

It's easy to participate.  On your first visit
you sign up at the store and purchase a
pack of Thangles.  (The Thangles are used
to make all the blocks.)  You will also
receive your first block kit for $1.  

Each block kit consists of two strips of
precut fabric and the directions for making
that month's block.   You can go right home
and sew your blocks.  
Click here to see
how Thangles make it possible to make a
block from only two strips.  

Your block kit will also have a different
Thangles lesson each month.  You will  
learn how to use Thangles to make quarter
squares, tulip squares and flying geese.  
You will also learn how to use Thangles
with any quilting pattern.  
Click her to watch
a video of how Thangles work.

Every month for 12 months, you return to
the store and pick up your new kit.   You
can return at anytime during the month.  If
you miss a month, you can still get the kit,
but the price will be higher.

When you visit each month, be sure and
check out all the featured items in your

Please note, this program is not available
via mail or on the web.  
Your store selects the fabrics for
their quilt.   They will  also have
finishing kits available so you can
complete your quilt.   

Make sure to purchase this kit
early while the fabric is still
available.  In addition, you can get
started on the finishing steps right
away.  Each of this year's blocks is
the center of a star.  It is much
easier to do this star setting as you
construct your blocks.  

Please note, the cost of the block
kit may be higher for stores outside
the United States.  
Buck A Block Series 10
Released in May 2013

48" x 54"
7" finished blocks
1 Buck
1 Blocks !!!  
Lots of Quilting Fun!